četrtek, 06. december 2007


I chose this picture because i like horses and for me are horses the most beautyful animals in the world. I have my own horses at home too.

Picture create by: linette.simoes

My horse

This is my horse. His name is Zoro. He is thoroughbred lipican and he has five years old. For all lipicans is significantly that they are intelligence,obedience and assiduity. All these characteristic are visible by Zoro too. But sometimes he is unruly. Every morning and every afternoon we give him enough quantity of food. Usually Zoro eats hay,carrots,oats,dry bread and maize. Zoro demands a lot of care. I must curry stroke him and sometimes wash him too. The most important is that Zoro stay in clean space. Because of that we must clean it every day. He needs a lot of space for movement. Near our house made I and my father the ranch. There is the big yard, where can our hours take a walk,but in this yard we train them too. Next to the yard we have the shed. There are our horse during the winter. In the summer we take Zoro and other horses on Banjšiče, where they enjoy in the open air. Around meadows are paddocks. In spite of that are horses very demanding and we have a lot of work with them but I do these with pleasure. At home we have many horses but I must confess that is Zoro the best. He is my favourite horse.

sobota, 27. oktober 2007


When did I start using the Internet?

When did I first time use Internet? I think that I used it in primary school. At that time I didn´t now how and for what to use it. Later I recognised that I can with Internet find many useful information about everything. This information are very useful not only for seminars but also for every day.

Firstly I discover sites witch I heard from my classmates. Later I recognised for me new capacity of Internet. One of these was that I create my first email account. I have started use many different search engines for search other Internet sites. For example google,yahoo,matkurja,...
I became very curious so I used it every day. My friends told me about programs with enable to talk with people.For example Mirc,Msn,Skype. I must confess that I recognise my girlfriend with these programs. I used all mentioned programs today too because of them I can have contact with my professors, friends and other people.

I use Internet shops a lot. Some times I buy or sell somethings. Many times I read actual news. Despite all god points of Internet I now about dangerous viruses.

I think that Internet is very practical because it makes our lives easily. Nowadays it become the part of our lives so I can´t imagine my life without Internet.:)

torek, 16. oktober 2007

About me

Hello. I´m Emanuel Komel and I´m 21. I´m from Loke. This is beautiful and quite village near Nova Gorica. I don´t have any brothers or sisters so I´m only child in the family. At home I have a lot of work because we have the farm. We have many different animals for instance horses, pigs, cows,... I have many hobbies but the most I like to ride my motor bike. One year ago I finished school machine construction. Then I worked in firm Gostol and now I study mehatronics school.